How to not copy write

Activity one-

One thing you need to do that I learned is if you do not give credit to the owner of the thing you are using on anything you can get in big trouble or sued by the owner of the thing you used. What some people still need to know is what to do so none of that stuff happens. One of them is if you are using a image you need to copy the link address. Also if you are using a song you need to put who the song was by so they still get credit for it being on the thing you are working on. I think this information is helpful because if you do not do the stuff I just explained you could get in trouble. That is why you also give the person that owns the thing you are using credit for there thing.

Activity 2:

Stadion Wrigley Field aus der VogelperspektiveCreative Commons License Marco Verch via Compfight

Baseball is played here,

teams come, they have fun,

fans cheer and  get snacks.

The teams compete,

the field is always green,

there are hundreds of seats,

fans sing chants and eat peanuts,

there are many games,

people come with their families.

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