Some Of My Favorite Sports

I have many favorite sports. Some of them are Basketball, Baseball, and Soccer. I like basketball because all of the action in the game. I like the action because when it is like that it is fun to play and it is fun to watch. Another reason is because it is challenging. I like when it is challenging because it makes it more fun to play and  way more entertaining. One more reason I like basketball is because you are almost never not moving. I like it when you are always moving because I like to be active.

One of the other sports I like is baseball. I like baseball because it is just really fun. I think it is fun because you get to cheer your team on hit and field. Another reason I like baseball is because you get to field and hit. I like that because you are playing several positions and not just playing one. Finally one more reason is because I get to play pitcher a lot. I like to play pitcher because you are almost running the whole field and what happens. Those are some reasons I like baseball.

Finally on of the last sports I like is soccer. I like soccer because it is really fast pace. I like fast pace is because you almost never stop moving. Another reason I like soccer is because it is more challenging than most other sports. I like that because it gives me something to want to practice and try to get better. Finally one last reason I like soccer is because it is really fun. I think it is fun because I get to play with friends and I also get to play some of my friends. Those are some reasons I like soccer.

I want you the people reading this to try to guess witch one of those sports I like more. Please leave a comment to try to guess what it is.

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Want to check out sports

Want to play sports

Yard Work For The Homeless

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One of my major accomplishments in my twenty percent project is our mentor responding to are email and saying yes. I have many feeling about this accomplishment. The feelings I have are I am super happy. I am happy because we have already tried to get a hold of an other mentor before this but he did not respond. I also feel no pressure any more. I felt a lot of pressure because every one else already had a mentor way before us. I also feel like we are doing something good for the community in this project.

Also we have many December goals. Some of them are getting all of our flyers. We are going to do that by working hard to get them made and then print them and laminate them. Another goal we have is to start raising money. We are going to accomplish that by going to peoples yards and doing are yard work that we are going to do to raise are money. Those are some of my major December goals. Those are some of my December goals.



My Favorite Holiday’s

I have many favorite holidays. My favorite holiday is Christmas. It is Christmas because my whole family get together and is giving to each other. I like tat because it is a time to just enjoy yourself. Another reason I like it is because I get to see family I d not see a lot. I like to see family because all of us together we have so much fun. Finally one more reason I like Christmas is because every one is being grateful. They are being grateful because they are receiving gifts and giving gifts. That is why Christmas is one of my favorite holidays.

Another holiday I like is Easter. One reason I like it is because it is really fun. It is fun because You go on Easter egg hunts and run around. Another reason I like it is because the food we have is good. I like that because we all sit down at the same table and enjoy a meal. Finally one more reason I like Easter is because you get candy. I like getting candy because it is super good. That is why Easter is one of my favorite holidays.

Finally one more holiday I like is Thanksgiving. One reason is because family I do not see a lot comes to spend a couple days with us. I like that because it is fun with them visiting. Another reason I like it is because we have a tradition that I think is really cool. The tradition is we all write things we are thankful for on a piece of paper then we read them and try to guess who’s they are. Finally one more reason I like it is because we all sit together and enjoy a meal. I like that because no one is plugged in to a device why they are eating. That is why I like Thanksgiving.

Easter candy

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Sport’s For Kids

For my project I am going to do yard work and with the money we earn with that we are going to by sports materials for the kids at the homeless shelter and donate it to them.

I am feeling really excited for this project. I also have many different feelings about this twenty percent project. One feeling that I am really have is happy. I am feeling happy about this project because I love athletics and I am making other kids have the chance to do the ting that I am passionate about. Another strong feeling I have about this project is nervous. I am nervous for this project for many reasons one of the reasons is because I really want every thing to go right in this project. Finally one more feeling I have about this project is excited. I am really excited because I love to help the community. I bet all of you guys like to do it to.

I have many major goals for the month of November. One of them is I want to start doing the yard work before the end of this month. I also want to have all the money in about two months from now. I am going to achieve those by getting all the other things done in this project so we can get to the most important part witch is raising money. We hope you like my project and will support me while I am doing it.

See my visual aide for more information.

My School day !!!

We do many things in are school day that may be different then yours. When we first get to school from car or bus we go into the gym and sit in the bleachers. Ten after that we do are eight classes through out the day. The first class is our homeroom class, and we do a Spanish program for about thirty minutes. Then it is our first period and my first period class is Social studies. Then we have are second period and that for me is E.L.A witch is English language arts. Then I have third period and that is math. Then I have fourth period and that is science. Finally the last normal class is P.B.L and that is project base learning. I like that class because I have lunch in that class. Then we have advisory were we can study for test and do our home work. Finally we have are last periods witch are  sixth and seventh period and those classes switch every seven weeks.


Our free time:

At our school we have free time sometimes I wonder if at your school you do to. We only have some free time here. We get free time some days one if the times is sometimes in class we can do are homework in some of our classes. Also in some classes we can go outside and play if we have been good and have passing grades in every class and do not have any missing assignments. We also have free time in our advisory witch is our time to study and do our homework. It is not a fun extra period but I still like it because I do not have that much school stuff to do when I get home. And you know what that means more playing with friends.I hope you readers like what are school day is like I wonder how it is different than yours.

my school district

What kids learn


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My 20% project!!!

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I want to tell you guys about my twenty percent project. I am sure many of you are thinking what is a twenty percent project. It is a project that is meant to help the community. The twenty percent part means we use twenty percent of our time to work on it witch for us is every Friday.

The project my group is doing is we are going to raise money by doing yard work like raking leaves. With that money we are going to by sports materials. We are going to donate the sport materials to a homeless shelter. We chose to do this because we want kids and adults to have the chance to be active that we have. We want them o be active because they do not have any thing to do at a homeless shelter and all they do is sit around.

We also have a mentor in this project and he is with the homeless shelter. We need a mentor because we need to get in contact with someone from the homeless so we can no what to donate to the people and to see if we are aloud and if we can. This project means a lot to me and my group and I hope you guys will support us.

The homeless shelter

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Basketball Story!!!

Orlando's Amway Arena

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‘This stadium is awesome,” Mason said. Mason is going to watch the Pacers play the Cleveland Cavilers. He thinks the Cavilers are going to win. About half way through the game it is tied game. Mason thinks to his self I can not believe this happening. There is five seconds left on the clock he shoots. What do you think will happen next?



93/365: Cookie Dough.

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Cookie cutter set of stars

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How to not copy write

Activity one-

One thing you need to do that I learned is if you do not give credit to the owner of the thing you are using on anything you can get in big trouble or sued by the owner of the thing you used. What some people still need to know is what to do so none of that stuff happens. One of them is if you are using a image you need to copy the link address. Also if you are using a song you need to put who the song was by so they still get credit for it being on the thing you are working on. I think this information is helpful because if you do not do the stuff I just explained you could get in trouble. That is why you also give the person that owns the thing you are using credit for there thing.

Activity 2:

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Baseball is played here,

teams come, they have fun,

fans cheer and  get snacks.

The teams compete,

the field is always green,

there are hundreds of seats,

fans sing chants and eat peanuts,

there are many games,

people come with their families.

How my avatar describes me

        There are many reasons I picked this avatar. One of the reasons I picked this avatar is because it looks crazy. I wanted it to look crazy because I am crazy. It is also creative which also describes me. It describes me because I have a lot of creativity because I like to think outside the box. Finally the last reason it describes me is because I love to do stuff different. That is how my avatar describes me.