Sport’s For Kids

For my project I am going to do yard work and with the money we earn with that we are going to by sports materials for the kids at the homeless shelter and donate it to them.

I am feeling really excited for this project. I also have many different feelings about this twenty percent project. One feeling that I am really have is happy. I am feeling happy about this project because I love athletics and I am making other kids have the chance to do the ting that I am passionate about. Another strong feeling I have about this project is nervous. I am nervous for this project for many reasons one of the reasons is because I really want every thing to go right in this project. Finally one more feeling I have about this project is excited. I am really excited because I love to help the community. I bet all of you guys like to do it to.

I have many major goals for the month of November. One of them is I want to start doing the yard work before the end of this month. I also want to have all the money in about two months from now. I am going to achieve those by getting all the other things done in this project so we can get to the most important part witch is raising money. We hope you like my project and will support me while I am doing it.

See my visual aide for more information.

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